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Electronic Order Fulfillment

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EDI specifications for technical mapping

We need you in order to grow our business.

Our ask of you is to move to Academy Sports + Outdoors’ new electronic order fulfillment requirements by recertifying and adding the EDI 855 (PO Acknowledgment) and the EDI 860 (PO Change) to the order cycle.

SPS Commerce is our partner on this project.

They’ve assisted us in designing our new order requirements and will provide support to ensure this process is implemented successfully by us and our suppliers.

SPS Commerce - Who we are and what we do.

SPS Commerce works with retailers to unify their business and meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Our cloud-based solutions help retailers facilitate transparent and collaborative partnerships with their suppliers, brokers, carriers and 3PLs. All parties can then be assured they have the tools needed to exchange required information, such as order details, item information or sales data.

Program requirements:

We’re asking you to work with SPS Commerce to utilize one or more of the following solutions to meet our updated electronic requirements. SPS offers services to help us exchange information, no matter your current technical capabilities.

Select Your EDI Solution:


SPS Commerce’s Fulfillment service is an excellent solution if you do not have an EDI system in place today, or if you are unable to meet our business needs through your current EDI service.

Testing & Certification

The SPS Commerce testing service allows you to meet our business requirements using your existing EDI solution or third party provider.

Program Benefits:


Improve order fulfillment accuracy with an automated method of receiving and managing orders.


Expedite business critical information with electronic communications.


Increase speed to shelf by enabling faster processing within our receiving centers.

Process and deadlines:



Connect with SPS Commerce to understand the changes we’re making and decide which of their solutions works for you to meet our new requirements. Have all paperwork completed and your commitment to move forward in place before the Commitment Date.



Work to ensure that your business is certified and staged for production by the Production Ready Date. Your dedicated SPS Commerce analyst will help you through the process, no matter which solution you choose.



We will work with you to develop a strategy to transition into production and begin to realize the benefits of this project.

Your action is required. Here’s your next step.

To get started contact SPS Commerce.

Work with your assigned SPS representative to sign your commitment to move forward and all additional paperwork.

Watch our informational webinar.

Academy Sports + Outdoors’ Vice President of Sourcing and Vendor Management, Eastin Jordan, provides further details on this initiative.  View the on-demand webcast today!

Supporting Materials

850 Purchase Order
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
860 Purchase Order Change
856 Advance Shipment Notice
810 Invoice
LABEL1 GS1 Shipping Label – Pack by Store
LABEL2 GS1 Shipping Label