THE ICONIC Electronic Fulfillment (EDI) Program – your participation is needed.

As a customer-centric and technology driven organisation we’re constantly working to improve the way we do business with our partners. Because partners like you play an essential role in helping us realise our vision! In an effort to improve and speed up our business cycles and sustain our growth plans with brand partners, THE ICONIC had launched its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program in 2016 to streamline our order-to-payment processes and boost productivity. Some of you may already realise the cost benefits and time savings of EDI with other retailers in streamlining ordering, delivering and invoicing processes. For those unfamiliar, this is a necessary initiative that will improve supply chain processes and enhance operating efficiencies, ultimately allowing us to grow our businesses, together!

Learn how our EDI Enablement Partner, SPS Commerce, can help you meet our electronic trading requirements.

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Program Requirements

Electronic Order Fulfillment

Program Benefits

Project Key Drivers

Compliance Deadline

Project Timelines 

Supporting Documentation

EDI specifications for technical mapping

Process and Compliance Deadline

  1. Free 60-day temporary Web Fulfillment solution whilst you evaluate your long term EDI solution: SPS Commerce will activate you on a 60-day temporary, no-charge web fulfillment solution. This will allow you to exchange EDI documents with us until you determine your chosen long-term EDI solution.
  2. Your Call to Action during the 60-day period: During the 60-day period, we ask that you work with your SPS Commerce representative to decide:
    • to either continue with SPS Commerce’s Web Fulfillment solution; or
    • complete a testing and certification process of your chosen EDI solution

Please note you will be required to transition to your own funded EDI solution by the end of the 60-day period, which will mark your “Compliance Date” and will be communicated to you by your SPS Commerce representative.

What happens if I am unable to complete testing of my chosen EDI solution by Day 60? Don’t stress, if you are not able to complete testing of your chosen EDI solution by Day 60 (i.e., by your “Compliance Date”), SPS Commerce will provide you continued access to the temporary web fulfillment solution until you are certified & compliant. You will be responsible to work with SPS Commerce directly on the necessary charges and terms that will apply to have continued access to your temporary web fulfillment account, post the initial 60-day period.

We need your support to streamline & grow our mutual business

Electronic order fulfillment will allow us to deliver on our goal to have the right product in the right place at the right time, while also positioning us as well as our brand partners to be more competitive in today’s evolving landscape. Rather than accommodate multiple different methods for order processing, we will have a standardised solution that will enable us to capture critical business information and allow us to quickly respond to changes. 

SPS Commerce is our partner on this project.

They’ve assisted us in designing our new order requirements and will provide support to ensure this process is implemented successfully by us and our vendor partners.

SPS Commerce - Who we are and what we do.

SPS Commerce works with retailers to unify their business and meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Our cloud-based solutions help retailers facilitate transparent and collaborative partnerships with their suppliers, brokers, carriers and 3PLs. All parties can then be assured they have the tools needed to exchange required information, such as order details, item information or sales data.

Program requirements

We’re asking you to work with SPS Commerce to utilise one of the following solutions to meet our electronic requirements. SPS offers services to help you exchange these transactions with us, no matter your current EDI capabilities.

Your options are the following:


SPS Commerce’s Fulfillment service is an excellent solution if you do not have an EDI system in place today, or if you are unable to meet our business needs through your current EDI service.

Testing & Certification

The SPS Commerce testing service allows you to meet our business requirements using your existing EDI solution or third party provider.

Program Benefits


Improve order fulfillment and accuracy with an automated method of receiving and managing orders



Reduce manual processing, errors and delays. Improve order to payment cycles


Increase speed to shelf by enabling faster processing within our Fulfillment Center

Supporting Documentation – EDI Message Implementation Guides (MIGS)

ORDERS Purchase Order Message
ORDRSP Purchase Order Response Message
DESADV Despatch Advice Message
INVOIC Invoice Message
CONTRL Syntax & Service Report Message
SSCC Label GSI Logistics & Shipping Label